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Become a provider and thrive

From virtual experiences to food, we empower our providers to reach more customers and grow their business.

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Manage orders in a few clicks

Track and manage your upcoming orders on our Provider Portal, and receive timely order updates via email

Access everything in one place including order details, delivery radius & fees, label print-outs, and payment information

Create an account in minutes and start managing your orders from anywhere.

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Host your own Experiences

Foster togetherness and team-building through providing virtual experiences in your field of expertise.

Offering experiences in:
Food & Beverage
Health & Wellness
Arts & Entertainment
Learning & Development

Partner with Thriver to reach a large corporate clientele looking to keep their company’s cultures thriving anywhere.

A Thriver partner hosting a virtual experience learning course on leadership training
We LOVE Thriver. Not only do we get to entertain epic companies but they take care of absolutely everything, every last detail, leaving us to do our favorite part -the magic show
Toronto Magic Company

Toronto Magic Company

Get more orders with Group Ordering

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Companies everywhere are ordering individually packaged meals for their teams - a solution our providers can deliver.

Group Ordering enables groups of customers to select from your menu and receive a personalized meal.

Many of our restaurant & catering providers are increasing orders through Group Ordering, and you can too!

"You gave us the platform to let people know about our food. Really appreciate your help!"
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AAamazing Salad

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