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The Thriver
app for Slack

A culture-boosting tool to keep your team connected, wherever they’re working today.

Engage employees

  1. 1 Keep everyone in the loop about their food & culture programs with timely prompts and reminders over Slack
  2. 2Add excitement to the workday with fun social challenges employees can take part in from home or the office
  3. 3Give everyone a voice with requests for feedback from each employee on their preferences and experiences

Build a stronger,
more integrated culture

Help employees feel closer as a team by sparking discussions and inviting people to share more about themselves

Save valuable hours by automating many of the tasks needed to manage food & culture programs

Hands of an employee holding a mobile phone showing “Your Orders” on screen from the Thriver App and about to rebook the event for the “Office Breakfast”

Gathers insight to refine future programs based on employee feedback and preferences

Feed your company culture from anywhere

The Thriver app for Slack keeps your team feeling like a team.